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Medical Associates of Wall Street provides on-site diagnostic, preventive, consultative, and therapeutic care and preventive health-care services to individuals, municipalities, and corporations.


Health-care for many people takes a back seat to work, family, and recreation. Medical Associates of Wall Street provides health-care service without the inconvenience of long waits in doctors offices and time away from life, work, and family.

Our medical staff is available to come direct to an employee's office to evaluate, diagnose, and treat many medical conditions. Medications, if required, can be prescribed and delivered to the employee at the encounter. Corporate accounts are available or the employee can be invoiced directly.

Medical Associates of Wall Street can also help establish a comprehensive turnkey wellness program as well as integrate with established corporate wellness programs.



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The service provided by the medical staff at MAWS is unbelievable. I called for a sore throat and they actually came to my office to check my throat, prescribed an antibiotic, picked up the prescription and brought it my desk. The time, money, and anxiety this saved is simply AMAZING! Well worth the cost.

Ethan J. (02/07/12)

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