All services provided on-site in our convenient,
Downtown New York City location

Corporations require diverse testing and screening services for current and potential employees. Performing these services often requires multiple vendors at multiple locations, creating a time and financial burden for the employee and corporation. Individuals are no different—who wants to go to 10 different doctors’ offices just to get a comprehensive evaluation and treatment?

Travel Medicine

Get the right vaccines before you travel, so you can have a great trip.


A vaccination takes as little as 10 minutes and protects you from viruses for years or for the rest of your life.

Clinical Exams

Pre- and post-employment physicals, screening and licensing exams.


Cardiac, vascular, x-ray and other diagnostic tools, all onsite with rapid results.

Let MAWS take care of your employees and potential hires’ health and fitness:

Can our imaging services help diagnose or treat you or your family?